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Host an Event has served Arizona with a marvelous mix of interactive comedy entertainment for exclusive one-of-a-kind occasions for more than twenty-five years.

Our productions are perfect for corporate events, dinner theater, holiday parties, team-building, fundraisers, restaurant promotions, social parties, or any group function. Our productions can be staged at your location or ours.

Our professional event services include audio, lighting, staging, special performers, and planning services for events of all sizes and ages. We work with you from start to finish to ensure your function is a total success. Our staff consists of trained experienced professionals providing quality event services.

We also coordinate with Simply Video Production and Essay Basics to capture video and still images of your event. They provide an array of video packages to document your experience.

Dinner Theater

​Murder at Greystone Manor

Set in the 'Silent Film Age'of the 1920's, you're Hollywood's elite attending the world premiere of 'Loves Foolish Parade'. But before the audience has a chance to see the movie, a dramatic crime is committed and you and your fellow guests must solve this 'Gatsby-Style-Mystery. 

Musical Entertainment

Retro Prom

A wacky interactive comedy event set in 1959 - featuring a cast of comical characters, music, mystery and dancing. The prom King and Queen have disappeared. Help solve the mystery as you party. Dance to the 'Golden Oldies' and help elect 'New Prom Royalty'. If you're Cruisin for a Bruisin... Give us a call!

Dinner Theater

Reunion at the Last Laugh Saloon

Grab your partners and get ready to dance your boots off as Cash Le Trumpe, Kitty Litteur and Margarita Ventura present a wild evening of music dancing and interactive comedy.

Musical Entertainment

​Killer Karaoke

You're among the live audience for the premiere episode of a new Karaoke Contest Show hosted by the Japanese Karaoke sensation Diva Star. However the Killer Karaoke contestants are showing up tone-DEAD, and it's up to you figure out who's singing in the key of MURDER.

Dinner Theater

Murder at the Vampires Wedding

An out of cash Vampire Count must marry a pure-blooded beauty from Catfish Crawls, Kentucky. In order to lift the curse and save his castle, relatives from both families gather in Fangaveinia for the wedding, but the ceremony is disturbed by a 'Murder with a lot at Stake!'

Musical Entertainment

Retro Renegades

Travel back to the 1950's. The Retro Renegades, Diva Star's back-up-group, met their demise in a tragic roller skating accident. Audience members join in the fun interactive contest to become Diva's Retro Renegade replacements. Unique group entertainment!

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